What Will A New Roof Cost?

Cost is one of the major concerns for homeowners who need a new roof. In roofing set prices do not exist because every roof is different. In fact a new roof is a custom made, one of a kind product. To make the matter more difficult there are different types of contractors involved. There are the fly by night low ball contractors to the quality roofing contractor. With a quality contractor, the cost might be more, but you can rest easy knowing you are getting a superior product. Although I can not answer the question specifically, I can give some general price ranges. I can also describe the factors that influence the cost of a new roof. Hopefully this can help you to better understand the cost when you receive a proposal.

First, here are some general price ranges for a new roof. Most new Flat Roofs generally cost anywhere from $ 1,500 to $ 5,000. Most new Asphalt Shingle Roofs generally can cost anywhere from $ 3,000 to $ 15,000. There is quite a disparity there. Let's describe some of the factors that go into the cost of a new roof.


Size is the number one factor in determining the cost. The bigger the roof the longer the installation will take and the more materials that are needed. But a small roof does not necessarily mean the low end of the cost scale due to our next factor: complexity.


The next factor that can influence the new roof cost is complexity. On a flat roof this is usually not a huge factor. It can be if there are pitch and water run off problems that need to be corrected. Also on a flat roof the old roofing material may need to be removed due to the weight factor. To much weight on a roof is not a good thing and often against building codes. When a tear off of multiple layers is involved it increases man hours, therefore increasing the cost.

When we talk about Asphalt Shingle Roofs, complexity can be a major factor in the cost. Also known as sloped roofs, they have an angle or pitch to them. Sometimes this angle can be too steep for roofers too walk on. When this is the case it takes a great deal of set up and man hours to install the shingles, therefore adding to the cost. A simple sloped roof is a traditional gable or A-frame. But not all roofs are this simple and often include features such as hips, valleys, skylights, walls, and dormers that can add to the complexity of a project. Skilled craftsmen are truly needed here to ensure that everything is installed properly. Needless to say the more features the longer the project will take.

The Materials

The third factor is roofing materials. Roofing products are generally petroleum based products. They are expensive, on average 30% to 40% of the cost of a new roof is the roofing material itself. This is not a huge factor in the cost of a Flat Roof. It is more of a factor in Asphalt Shingle Roofs, where the cost can increase based on the shingle used. Some homeowners want that extra touch of beauty and design that a luxury shingle gives. These do cost more.

In conclusion remember that a new roof is a long term investment. A Flat Roof can last 10-15 years, while an Asphalt Shingle Roof can last around 30 or more. Ensure that you use a quality roofing contractor that will provide value in products and craftsmanship for the money you are paying. The cost of a new roof is well worth the investment when you receive a custom made, quality product.