What Will Be Done in an Ionithermie Detox?

Detox is in vogue these days. Let us see now some specific detox plans. It is better to remember that when we say detox, it does not necessarily mean alcohol or drug detox and this could simply mean eliminating all toxins, chemicals and free radicals from your body. A detox plan also helps in losing weight apart from eliminating toxins.

There is one detox plan called Ionithermie, which has not gained much ground in the United States. This system was invented by a French citizen named Oliver Fouche in the later part of the 70's. He was a biochemist who did research on various aspects concerned with human health. This system gained much popularity in Europe during the late 70's and early 80's. This system was also recommended as an alternate method to liposuction to lose fat. This method works by eliminating cellulite from the human body. Even now this system is popular in Europe and many benefits like tightening of the skin are attributed to this system. Die hard users of this system say blood circulation is increased by this method and improves the texture of muscle and skin of the body. They also vouch for the fact that it increases metabolism and also hydrates the human body. These days, many opt for this system to regain health by restocking minerals and nutrients in the body they have lost.

Although this method is not so popular in the United States, there are quite some centers where this procedure is done. A single procedure will cost you as much as $ 90 and this can last up to an hour in time. If you think you can try alternate methods, then this method can be given a shot. The professionals calculate the fat content in a person's body and all the places fat is more precalent in the body first. Then they ask you to lie on a massage bed and massage is done using hands and special instruments. Some parts will require the use of a skin brush. You should be informed that this system is completely different from other methods in use today. This treatment is a little hard and forceful in nature and is a combination of some forceful ingredients. The system helps in circulation and the elimination of fat cells from the body.

Electrodes are placed in specific locations like the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and sides of the hip where fat accumulation is the maximum. A thin layer of fabric is wrapped all over the body and coated with electrically conductive clay all over. Electrically conductive pads are attached to the fabric at specific locations and are attached to an Ionithermie detox instrument. Electricity is passed through the pads and the clay tightens up. The massage expert passes current systematically to specific parts to stimulate the fat cells and removing them from the body. The sensation is pretty much similar to a regular massage but is more result oriented. You can feel a slight tingling sensation at first, which will soon disappear in course of time. A wonderful way to detox and lose weight is this popular European method.