What You Need to Know About Bridge Steel

Why is steel used?

Steel has been used in bridge construction for a long time because of its cost point, its strength, and its versatility. Whether you combine it with wood or not, the steel is going to provide the primary material to deal with the weight loads necessary of a bridge.

Whether it is a foot bridge or one that endures traffic, you have to ensure that it is strong enough to account for everything. Steel allows for a fast build that is structurally sound. It also provides the aesthetics that help to add to the natural landscape around the globe. Everywhere you look, there is a beautiful bridge in the background – and it is almost always made of steel.

What are the different types of steel?

There are all sorts of different types of steel. Bridge steel is generally a form of weathering steel because of its strength and tensile load. You can ensure that various additives are included into the steel so that it is free of corrosion and stronger than other types of steel.

You might find that there are going to be various forms of steel used on the project. This will allow you to control the workability of the steel for different reasons. For example, you might want a heavy steel for the beams and a light steel for being able to form arches and such. The heavier the steel, the harder it will be to cut and manipulate.

Does the type of bridge matter?

You might be surprised by the number of different types of bridges there are around the world. From beam bridges to truss bridges to cantilever bridges, the construction varies considerably. This means that you have to look at whether you are going to use basic steel beams or if there are going to be diagonal beams for racing as well. If you are building a suspension bridge, you’ll need bridge steel in the form of beams as well as ropes or cables to help hold the weight of the bridge deck.

Before you can begin ordering any kind of bridge steel, you have to look at whether you are creating a fixed or temporary bridge. You also have to look at the overall design to be able to determine what kinds of beams and other materials you need in order to create a long-lasting structure.

By asking a few questions at the beginning of your project, it will be easier to identify the kind of steel and you need for building the bridge. The more you know about the steel and your project, the simpler it will be to locate a supplier and be confident that you have the right materials on hand.