What You Need to Know About Curling Irons

There are several types of curling irons today. They come in different formats, sizes, designs, and colors. Created and improved to serve the hair and the user well. Although commonly used by women with straight hair, this is also essential for those who have curly hair. It helps them manage and reshape them.

When shopping for a curling iron, there are some considerations you have to think of. First is the size of the barrel. The size of the curls depends on it. For smaller curls, pick an iron with a smaller barrel. Otherwise, choose a bigger one. For ease of use, choose the appropriate length of the barrel as well. There are also irons that come with multiple attachments to change the size of curls it creates.

Take into account its safety features too. An automatic shut off will put you at ease whenever you forget to unplug the device. Its handle has to be heat resistant as well. This will allow you to curl your hair comfortably. Check its ends as well. It will be better if they have rubber covers to avoid accidental burns.

The plating is also important. You can use chrome plated if you do not plan to use the iron frequently. This is popular because it is the least expensive. Do not use this for easily damaged hair, fine hair, and chemically treated hair. Gold plating is more expensive but damage is less likely to occur because the heat is even distributed. Thus, the user has more control over it. The best choice however is the ceramic plating. This is the plating used in an ionic curling iron. It helps lock in the moisture in the hair giving it a smooth finish instead of getting dry and frizzy. This is perfect for chemically treated hair.

Here are some tips on using the curling iron:

· Never use it on your wet hair because the steam it produces will burn your hair, skin, and scalp.

· Curl your hair a section at a time. Smaller sections curl faster, which means you do not need to expose your hair to the heat longer.

· Use curling waxes when curling your hair especially when you are using chrome-plated barrels. This will make it easier for your hair to achieve the curl it needed in a shorter period.

· To avoid repeating the process during the day, avoid combing it right after the process and apply cream to hold the style.

With the overwhelming types of curling irons today, you have to be aware of what to look for before purchasing one. Check the size of the barrel because this will dictate the size of curls you will create. Safety features are always a plus. Barrel plating is another consideration; Although the best choice is the ionic curling iron, you can still pick the less expensive ones. However, you have to minimize its usage because it is damaging for the hair. Take note of the proper way to curl your hair to avoid burns and serious damage.