What's Inside Our Tap Water That We Would Be Happy About?

This is something that most of us would prefer not to know about as it spoils the image of a safe, refreshing drink that our bodies just can not do without.

Many of us recognize how unpalatable tap water sometimes is. It tends to have a funny taste and we may wonder what it is.

The truth about tap water is that it's an unsafe beverage for us to get straight from the kitchen tap without filtering it first. There have been studies that have shown up to 2100 chemical contaminants floating around in it and some of those chemical are extremely harmful.

Let's take for instance the bleach that is used to clean water, chlorine. All public water contains chlorine but what can also happen is if the chlorine mixes with bacteria then a chemical reaction occurs called THM's.

This by product, so to speak, is highly toxic and a known carcinogen. Research has shown that regular exposure to it will mean that you are twice as likely to get stomach cancer.

Other nasty things that have been found in drinking and bathing water are drugs, cysts, bacteria, trace elements of industrial pesticides and many more.

To ensure that you know what's inside our tap water you need to become proactive in filtering your own water at home. This will then give you the peace of mind that comes with the assurances that you know that you are protecting yourself and your family.

Make sure that your filter has the same ability as mine and is able to filter out to nearly 100% all harmful chemicals while at the same time leaving in essential mineral salts for good health.

Filtering your water makes it tastes so much better and it also does not leave a horrible thick scum mark around the cup after drinking a cup of herbal tea

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