What’s New With the Caterpillar D9 Bulldozer?

It has been years since the first caterpillar d9 bulldozer came out on the market, but this still remains one of the most famous dozers ever made today. And there are more reasons to love the d9 now because of its highly innovative and improved modern versions. With its proven track record, the caterpillar d9 bulldozer is definitely worth the investment.

The d9 caterpillar bulldozer first made its appearance in the early 1950’s. It was built with a 286hp engine motor, which is enough to do sufficient amounts of bulldozing works. It weighed about 48,784 kilograms and featured a ripper and a front blade, which was attached to four hydraulic-powered lifting arms. The d9 bulldozer was widely used in many industrial and environmental applications like in quarry operations, forest clearing, and construction projects.

The cab – the portion of a bulldozer that houses the operator – is an important basis of buying a bulldozer. It should let the operator do his job with less trouble and utmost comfort. The older D9 models, however, were not specially blessed with climate-controlled cabs. But that was before their newer dozer models, like the D9T, came out. Now, Caterpillar’s machines are specifically equipped with climate-controlled cabs so that the operator stays comfortable and productive all the time.

The D9T dozer is the latest addition to the D9 Cat Track-Type Tractor Series. It features the latest technology and ergonomic designs, which maximize the machine’s performance and the operator’s productivity. It has a C18 engine with ACERT Technology that produces reduced carbon emissions while combusting the fuel effectively. The C18 is a 410hp engine with 1800rpm.

With the D9T bulldozer, the operator will specifically liked the fact that it features a heating and air conditioning system to ensure that he enjoys the right temperature inside during different weather conditions. The programmable electronic controls, which are strategically placed for easy access, are fully capable of providing perfect and firm support to the blade and ripper despite difficult conditions. The current selling price of a brand new D9T is expected to cost close to $1,000,000. But if you’re going to buy a used model, it would approximately cost $425,000 exclusive of tax.

A bulldozer is an important part of any infrastructure and industrial projects. It’s not really a cheap investment, but there are a lot of ways that you can explore to secure one for your business. It’s a good thing that the Caterpillar Company offers to help their consumers by giving them to the option of buying used CAT machines. They would even entertain any custom build requests. You could also try scouting online for sites that offer rental or used Caterpillar D9 bulldozer and other Caterpillar bulldozer models.