Wheelchair Lifts – Cost-Effective Alternative Than Elevators

Wheelchair lifts are designed to ensure practical access solutions for individuals with physical disabilities that pose challenges to them when it comes to climbing stairs. These are really more cost-effective alternatives than elevators, and nowdays many find them useful as these facilitate the movement of people making it easy, fast, and convenient.

Whether for residential or commercial applications, wheelchair lifts find many practical uses. This line of lifts usually comes in two operating modes; hydraulic and electric. While the hydraulic model uses hydraulics for increased lift performance, the electric wheel chair lifts come with battery back-up. If necessary, you can install automatic door opens or telephone jacks in electronic lifts. When compared to hydraulic wheelchair stair lifts, the electric models are cheaper.

All the branded wheelchair stair lifts combine an outstanding blend of quality, comfort, and durability. To meet the customers' needs, wheel chair stair lifts come with a greater selection of options in style, color, size, function, and feature. Among the different models of wheelchair lifts, the most popular are inclined platform lifts; vertical platform lifts; and portable wheel chair lifts.

Each wheelchair stair lift has its own set of unique features and specifications. Available in permanent and portable models, the vertical wheel chair lifts are safest, quietest, and most durable. Inclined platform lifts are mainly designed to travel up the stairways. These can be used on straight stairways and curved stairways. The added advantage of this model is that it can be wall mounted or tower-mounted to the staircase.

Portable vertical lifts are the most affordable solution, and can be used on various stairways. Portable lifts are simple to set up and operate, and provide the mobility and access that you need. Many wheel chair lift models have multiple control stations, user-friendly controls and come with many safety features such as under-platform sensors, handrail, emergency stop switch, anti-slip flooring, and more.

Today, a number of options are available to search for wheel chair stair lifts. You can approach online stores or retail stores to shop for any model of vertical lifts. A number of manufacturers offer a wide selection of wheel chair lifts for every purpose – and these products meet high standards of quality and reliability. Depending on the varying structures, features and manufacturer, the price of the wheelchair lifts will vary accordingly. Based on your individual needs and budgetary requirements, you need to make a choice wisely.