When The Dream Is Big Enough, The Facts Will not Count

You are on the roof of a 10 story building. Its Midnight. The winds are strong and the rain is coming down heavy. You look over the edge and its pitch black apart from the car headlights and the shine from the water on the busy street below. The cars look like ants from this height. As you look over, your stomach turns from the height. 30 feet adjacent is another building similar to the building you are on. The adjacent building is the one you live in and you need to get home. The lifts are out so you will need to use the steps. Its a long journey! Then you notice there is a steel girder 12 inches wide going from one building top to the other building top you need to get to.You can see the rain bouncing off of it. Now Do you take the short trip across the girder or take the steps? Hell no !! I'm taking the steps !!

Oh, there's one bit of information i forgot to tell you ….

Your 1 year old daughter has managed to crawl out of your apartment and is on the adjacent roof and is crawling around! She is getting terribly close to the edge at times and you wont have time to take the stairs. Your baby sitter has not noticed and you do not have a phone on you! You do not have much time!

Do you crawl across the girder or the stairs ???

Now, the facts about the risk involved have not changed, but your reasons for doing it have!

When the dreams big enough the facts do not count!