When You Have To Be First – You May End Up In Last

Everyone is competitive in one way or another. It’s human nature to want to be first, the best at something, admired or adored. The old adage of “keeping up with the Jones’s” has never lost it’s reference; especially in today’s world. Being the first to get that new gadget or gizmo can cost you in the long run.

As new innovative products come on line and make our lives easier, more convenient and less stressful, people are flocking to the stores amiss all the hype. No longer is bigger better, we are looking for gadgets that are more compact, can do more and above all are portable. Be wary young consumer, first generation gadgets and especially version 1 of any software package tend to be packed with flaws and bugs. By the time these bugs are corrected, the next generation of whatever has rolled out.

When a product launches, it is really a test to see how well that new idea is going to be accepted by the masses. If the hype is maintained, you can expect several additional, yet separate accessories that are sure to compliment your new gadget. If the hype dies as soon as the launch is over, then you have just spent all that money for something that is not the next best thing after all.

As an example, let’s take a look at the new iPhone from Apple. The latest and greatest in portable devices. You get a scheduler, Mp3 Player, Movie Player and Cell Phone all in one pocket sized device. To top it all off, they have implemented a one of the best touch screens that allows you to navigate the page with a zoom and move feature. This is exciting for the tech geek and those that like state of the art technology. Apple has done the job with this one.

As exciting as all this is, there are problems associated with the first generation iPhones. There are several reports of screens freezing up during initialization or in the middle of a call or during internet viewing. In order to get out of this, you MUST reset the system. Too much of this is a pain. Another bug that has been repeatedly reported is that when surfing or using maps programs, the system automatically returns to the home screen.

As for workmanship, reports of o-rings hanging out upon arrival and this one comes with a soldered in batteries, so you have to take your new toy directly to the store to change out the battery and pay the service fee. If something happens to the effect that you can’t use it, you are responsible to get the product back to Apple, pay for the shipping both ways and pay for the repair that is necessary to get you working. This is even if that is the condition that you received the product.

Cost is something that needs to be considered when purchasing the first generation of anything. The introductory price is just that. Think to your self if it is something that you NEED or just WANT. If you can wait a few months for the hype to go down and keep an eye on the local stores adds; I guarantee that within a few months, that new state of the art gadget will be going on sale and you should be able to save at least ten to twenty percent off the launch price. If you wait, you will have immediate access to all the patches or fix’s that have come out since product launch.

In the end, it’s your money and how you spend it is up to you. However, I would rather purchase something that has at least most of the bugs worked out first, and can wait for the holiday sales.