When Your Marble Tiles Start to Fade – What to Do

Marble is one of the most stunning forms of stone that was first used for sculpture. Over the years, this hard crystalline metamorphic rock has already been used as building materials, such as tiles.

Marbles are one variety of calcite which are capable of being polished and used for different ornamental and architectural purposes. Its color greatly varies from black to white, and even sometimes red, green, and yellow. They are often beautifully clouded or veined. And because it is porous, it can easily be stained or etched in acid.

Caring for your Tiles

To maintain your tiles, occasionally wash its surfaces with lukewarm water and then wipe them dry with a clean piece of cloth. To avoid streaks, wipe the surface with a damp chamois. Depending on the soil it is placed on, wash your marble tiles with a solution of warm water and dish-washing detergent at least one or twice in a year. Rinse and wipe them dry to achieve a better outcome.

If you notice your marble tiles starting to fade, lightly coat them with wax. Although this is not advised for constant use, waxing marble tiles can help regain is shine while also protecting its surface.

If they are white though, avoid waxing them as they tend to appear yellowish in the long run. Also, try applying a marble sealer to clean them. The sealer will help protect the tiles from staining, thus allowing soil to be easily wiped off using a damp cloth.

Special Cleaning

Marble tiles, when they start to fade and appear already dull, can still be livened up with the use of commercial polish and cleaners. You can obtain these special cleaning products from companies that sell marble.

Normally, these companies carry a wide variety of imported tile polish-cleaners that are normally used on soft imported marbles. Hence, they are safe to use and clean for harder US marbles. Aside from being effective in restoring the luster, these special cleaning agents work easier and faster than those conventional care kits used before.

You can also use putty powder or tin oxide to polish dulled tiles, or when the tiles’ surfaces are etched. You can rub them on the surface using a clean damp cloth, making sure to fold and refold the cloth to clean damp areas. An electric polisher should be used to buff the tiles. However, finding tin oxide or putty powder is very find. If you cannot find these, faded marble can still be restored with the help of people who are in the business of making and selling tombstones.

Stained Marble Tiles

To remove stain from tiles, make a wrapping out of a white absorbent material like a blotter, napkin, a facial tissue, or a paper towel, dampened with chemicals that help dissolve stains. You can find these chemicals from your local hardware or marble tile distributors.

If you notice your marble tiles starting to fade, don’t fret. There are still ways to restore that shine. Contact your local tile distributor if you think you can no longer restore them on your own. They have products and professionals to help you with these concerns.

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