When’s the Best Time to Go Out on Picnics?

During times of stress and worry families tend to focus on their financial troubles rather than spending quality time together. Picnics are a great inexpensive way to have a time out and really appreciate the great things life has to offer.

It has been proven that we are often at our most receptive and positive when we are relaxed and surrounded by the people we love. The summer months offer an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with your family and get outside for a delicious picnic. But even when the weather’s a little cloudy finding the perfect spot for your picnic will ensure memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Being spontaneous is always the best way to prepare for your picnic. But a little planning is always a good thing.

First, think about a good location that may offer shelter if the weather does take a turn for the worst. During sunny days try to take something that will provide shade for the picnickers. Try not to choose a spot that is too far away; remember this is supposed to be a relaxing experience for all involved.

Make a list of snacks that are cheap and easy to prepare. Finger or fork food is the way forward and is rarely eaten hot at picnics. Rice, salad, pasta and quiches are a sure success; always try to check if any of your guests have food allergies. Most foods need to be eaten within an hour of being taken out of the fridge so try not to take too much food. Try to take something to cover the food to keep it protected from the heat and any insects like an insulated picnic bag. It’s always recommended to throw items that have not been kept cool on your return home.

Follow this by writing down the articles you may need to take with you. Be sure to take clothes and napkins, coolers, plastic cups and plates as well as forks and spoons. Take folding chairs for people who are unable to get up from the ground easily and umbrellas for shade and shelter. Take a large plastic bag where you can put your garbage and make sure that you dispose of it responsibly. Make sure you bring sun block and insect repellent as well as an antibacterial gel for your hands and remember your camera!

Get the kids involved and think about what you might need to make your picnic more enjoyable. Ask your kids would they would like to do and however crazy it might be give it a go. Take some games with you that both children and adults can play, adventure trails and team games are always fun.

Remember to dress appropriately to ensure that you and your fellow picnickers are able to relax and join in the fun. Once your all set up and ready for your picnic, make sure you haven’t forgotten once last thing- relax.