Where Did Hot Tubs Come From?

Many people all over the world enjoy the luxury of having a hot tub. Those who live in the colder climates are especially thankful for this invention. The warmth makes the spa more welcoming, enjoyable and satisfying. For those with a lot of tension and stress, a good long soak will do a body good. A person could easily let all of his or her worries drain away while enjoying the not-to-hot and bubbling water. So where did this wondrous invention come from and how did it become the hot tub we all know and love today?

The history of the hot tubs is definitely traceable. They came around with the Romans and their bathhouses, which came around when people discovered the wonders of hot springs. Hot springs were known not only for relaxation but for therapeutic uses as well. Hot springs are natural to the Earth but can only be found in certain places. Hot springs are only usually found in places where there is volcanic activity. Before the hot tub was invented not man people enjoyed the thought of living near these areas just for a warm bath so nice warm baths were not available to everyone.

The earliest spas have been traced all the way back to around 2000 B.C. Around this time the ancient Egyptians were already enjoying such a luxury of a warm bath and the benefits gained from soaking in the hot water. Around 600 B.C. a king from Persia, the King of Media was said to have the first hot tub built. Around the same time the Greek philosophers, Plato, Hippocrates, and others were also discovering the therapeutic uses of water. Because of this discovery, the Greeks began building bathing houses near hot springs.

Within the Chinese and Japanese cultures people were also influenced by the healing powers of water. A saying came about in Japan in relation to a tranquil state that could be accomplished by a person’s spirit hence giving them a sensation of opposition that is passive in nature. This saying was called Mizu – no – Kokoro or Mind Like Water. Therefore, someone who accomplishes Mind Like Water will have harmony in all things that surround him or her. This idea is what birthed the idea of hot tubs in Asia. This began the building of bathing houses near hot springs in Japan and China.

For the Roman Empire, the bathhouse was made of a stone chamber along with a temple. As with all the other cultures, these hot tubs were built near hot springs. In the late 16th century Queen Elizabeth was said to bathe in, England’s mineral waters. Then in the 20th century, the hot tub was beginning to take the shape of what it is today. Today’s modern spot tubs are made mostly out of ceramic material, fiberglass or concrete pool like structures. They have certainly come a long way in the last 4000 years and is still a very popular luxury. Many people even prefer to have a hot tub rather than a pool.