Where to Buy Good Quality Timber?

If you like me, I usually set off to my local DIY store and buy the wood I need. Today I was speaking to a joiner who was working on my neighbors house and was asking him about the best piece of timer I needed for my particular job. He said do not go to your local home store as the quality is not that good andave me a couple of places to source cheaper costing and better quality wood.

1. If you want good quality timber do not go to your local do-it-yourself store as the wood they sell is usually construction grade and is not very good even for that purpose. It is always better to try to find a woodworkers store that specializes in stocking such wood, or even a timber yard. The people who work at these types of places typically have a great deal of expertise and will spend more time with you to help you choose the correct wood for the job.

2. When you visit the timber yard make sure you have drawn up your design, made a board by board cutting list and decided the type of timber, thickness, species of wood, the cuts that are needed and if possible how seasoned the timber has to be. If you are not too sure on the type of timber you need they will gladly help you.When entering the timber yard its best to where your work clothes as you will most likely end up climbing over the different types of wood inspecting for straightforwardness and so forth.