Where to Get Free Business Plan Samples

A lot of people go online to find free business plan samples to "save time" so that they do not have to "do all the writing". My advice is watch out!

Your plan is supposed to be your plan!

My experience with the prewritten plans is that most people get lazy with them. After they cut and paste their business name in and do a little customizing of the first few pages, they tend to skip changing the rest. This defeats the purpose of doing a business plan in the first place which is to help you plan (it's in the name, right?) How your business is going to operate successfully.

If you cut out the planning stage and do not figure out how your business is going to make it, you really hurt your chances of that happening.

Another big problem with prewritten plans is people forget to take out some stuff that does not apply. Then, inevitably, at a presentation or meeting they get asked about it.

Imagine how embarrassing it is to have to explain that there is something in your plan you did not even realize was there! It certainly does not inspire confidence in the people you are trying to pry money out of when you do not even know what's in your business plan!

Even if you find a plan that seems close to what yours is going to be, the research you have to do and the specifics that apply to your business are going to be significantly different. The time saved is going to be next to nothing compared to just simply creating your own plan.

The best approach is to use a good program that helps you write your own plan with the information about your business as quickly and efficiently as possible and then also provides you with the opportunity to get help and a review so you can be sure your plan came out the best it can be and it actually helps you launch your business instead of just copying someone else's.