Where to Install a Fireproof Safe?

The location of your fireproof safe depends on its type and capacity. Therefore it is important to consider the type of safe that you need while deciding the site for it.

What should done before deciding the location of your fireproof safe?


One of the options to place your safe is to mount it on the wall. Since the fireproof safes can be accessed by the means of a combination or in some cases, biometric means, be sure to mount in a place where it is easy to reach the dial. The weight of the fireproof safe, along with its contents has to be taken into account while mounting it on the wall because the weight adds to the fore applied to the beams in the walls. This can lead to cracks in the walls and can even result in the weakening of the reinforcements of the wall.

Wall mounting of this is not a common practice as it can lead to several complication not only in the installation but also in the maintenance.


A standard file safe cabinet itself is of a very high weight, but in the case of a fireproof fire cabinet the weight is greater. This is because of the additional fire protection measures added in order to provide insulation of the to the documents from any fluctuation in the temperature outside the safe. So, if your fireproof safe weighs greater than 1000lbs, it is advisable to install it on the ground floor of your home or in the garage.

The type of the fireproof safe that you purchase, will directly determine where you place it in your house. If it is a floor safe, then it must be installed on a slab. This is the best choice in case of installation of fireproof safes. If you have slabs on the floor, it is recommended that you install your safe there.

It is better not to consider installing a fireproof safe on higher floor. This in because, in case a fire breaks out, the floor becomes susceptible to damage and breakage. In such cases, if the floor gives away, the safe can fall through the height and on an impact from the ground, it can unhinge, scattering its contents all over.

Another important parameter that is the deciding factor for the positioning of your fireproof safe is its contents. If you choose to keep items that you might need on a regular basis and at hand, then it is ideal to install the safe in your bedroom or office. If the contents of the safe need not be accessed frequently, then its location is not the primary concern. In such cases, an out of the way spot is considered a good choice.

It is should be also be kept in mind that it is not the best protection against burglary or physical break in. So, try finding a spot for your fireproof safe that is not very obvious. It should be a safe and secure place that allows access to authorized personnel only.