Which Golf Ball is the Right One for You?

Buying the right golf ball might seem easy, but it is not. Golf balls are not all alike and you should never just buy the first golf ball set you happen to see and head for your game. You need to know what kind of golf ball you have and what its capabilities are and you get this information through golf ball comparisons. It is kind of analogous to a baseball player not reaching for the first bat, but choosing the best one among many.

Among the many different types of golf balls available on the market today, the two-piece golf balls and the three-piece golf balls are the two main ones. One-piece golf balls are not usually used in comparison, but for practice purposes only. Your ability, your objectives on the golf course, and skill as a golf player will determine the type of golf ball you need.

The components of a two-piece ball are a core made of hard rubber and a plastic covering that is in most cases made of a type of plastic known as surlyn. The dimples you find on the cover of all golf balls help them travel farther. The two-piece golf balls are light on spin but heavy on distance and are perfect for beginners. In order to enhance the two-piece golf ball, manufacturers can adjust their softness or hardness. You can handle them and feel the difference when making comparisons.

One characteristic of the three-piece solid golf ball is a thin layer of plastic, a cover and a large core made of rubber. Other types of three-piece balls include those that are wound with a center made of liquid, covered by wound leather thread, and a cover made of hard plastic, balata or synthetic rubber. This ball has a better backspin but its distance is not as great. The wounded balls have a high cost and therefore are not used as much.

Beginners probably do not need or want much spin. Their focus should be on distance so the best choice is in the two-piece golf ball. Two-piece balls also come in handy when you want to build on your long shot or you do not have a straight shot. Also, part of comparing golf balls is being aware of your strengths and weaknesses as a golfer.

The golfer who has good skill and consistent shots will probably choose the three-piece golf ball in order to make improvements on his game. When you're a beginner, you're better off just learning how to make a shot by sitting the ball and watching it take off. The next steps after this deal with learning the subjects of backspin and spin. The manufacturers that sell these two types of balls are many. And remember that most all golf balls fall into one of the two categories of two-piece or three-piece. Hopefully, with this information you will have an easier time choosing.