White Washing Painting Techniques

White washing, whether you do it yourself or hire a professionally painting company, if applied correctly, can give a subtle, aged look to a room, piece of furniture or most substances that it is applied to. There are many methods and techniques, so you need to decide which one is right for you.

White washing can give your home a historic, aged feel. Using a white washing technique creates a soft, almost chalky finish. It can also create a subtle, calming refreshing look. You can achieve this technique on your own or choose to save time and end up with a professional-looking room by hiring a reputable painting company.

What is White Washing?

White washing gives a diluted look to the surface with which it is painted. You can use it on drywall, brick, wood and many other surfaces. This technique has been around for a long time, even back in the days of the pioneer. The effect is traditionally created by using lime and water, but it can also be done with plaster, thinned paint or a product specifically designed to create the effect. If you use a pre-made product, read the instructions carefully. Some of the pre-made white wash paints require you to add others and some are fine as is.

How Do You Achieve the White-washed Effect?

There are several do-it-yourself methods. You can water down an acrylic paint and apply that to the wall space, you can make a mixture of lime and salt, or you can buy a prepared paint that creates the white-washed effect. The key to achieving good results is to take your time and test a small area of the wall space. If you are using a lime mixture, wear gloves and be careful since it can harm tile grout. If it comes in contact with other items, it may cause damage. Use a drop cloth. You can use a wide brush and pick one with either soft or hard bristles depending on the look you are trying to achieve, or you can use a sponge in a small area. You don’t want it to end up looking “sponged,” and you don’t want to apply the whitewash too heavily, or it will look more like a painted wall and you will lose the effect.

White washing is a great technique to use in a historic home. Many times, historic homes must follow strict guidelines that ensure that they keep to their authentic design and feel. It is also a wonderful technique that helps add interest and give a room a natural feel. Because it is so time-consuming to apply and some of the mixtures have to be hand mixed, you may find that the job is best left to a professional painting company.