Who is Isabel De Los Rios?

Isabel De Los Rios may not be a wildly famous name yet, but I would bet a significant chunk of change that she’s going to be. In fact, Isabel is already a well respected speaker and owns her own wellness practice. If you don’t know who Isabel De Los Rios is, I think that you should because her new ebook, the Diet Solution Program, is one of the most interesting and eye-opening nutrition books I have read in quite a while.

The Diet Solution Program is the culmination of years of research and “in the trenches” hands on experience which Isabel has in the nutrition and health industry. What is important about this book is that it goes into great detail and describes the true nature of many of the foods that we eat on a regular basis and exposes the truth about many of them.

And the truth may surprise you as it had me. Some foods which are considered healthy like soy are, according to Isabel’s book, far from being all that good. And there are other examples which I won’t go into here for lack of space.

The Diet Solution Program attempts to educate people about the right way for them to eat according to their own metabolic makeup. Each of us is genetically different from the next, and so it’s ridiculous to try and force all of us into some preconceived eating plan. We all need different amount of macro-nutrients like carbs, fats, and so on. We all need all of them to some degree, but how much we need varies, and the Diet Solution program shows us how to arrive at the right amount for us.

The Diet Solution Program is more than a weight loss book, though it can prove highly effective as one. It’s a comprehensive and encompassing healthy lifestyle volume of information which can help you alleviate or avoid any of the common diseases which plague so many people like high blood pressure and diabetes. I believe it’s a must read book for any health lover.