Who Is the Holy Spirit? And Two More Poems

Who is the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is Kyrios
(Master and Lord)
He is the gift of Christ risen …
The counselor who opens up
The mind and heart to faith in Jesus!
Out of him flows: love, joy, peace,
Longsuffering, gentleness, goodness,
Faith … (Galatians 5: 22-23)
He speaks on behalf of the Father.
He is the third person of the trinity!
He is the living water, Jesus speaks
Of (in John 4: 10-26).

Written 2-12-2014 / No: 4182 (Galilean: 549)

Note: Kyrios: Lord / Master (also spelled: Kurios); also used as an expression in Christion Churches, "Lord, have mercy"

Bridges (Haiku)

We are bridges, are we not?
Bringing others to Christ …
Living luminous stones!

Written 2-11-2014 / No: 4181 (Galilean: 548)

The Moabite Tale (A Poetic Prose Tale)

"There was an old Hebrew who had killed a good man"
(now remembered from those far-off ancient days)
So explained an old codger, to the young lad!
"And the old Hebrew, he prayed to his God to not rebuke him!
"For out of anger, and anguish did he slew the Moabite?
(A mason by trade)
"The white haired old man, of power, and renown, and
a poet to some!
"Had now committed both murder and adultery to add to his
legacy! At the age of seventy!
"Here, with grief and tears, the old man died shortly thereafter."
Ask the young lad, far-off in Africa,
"What were his poems about?"
"A cry of man seeking his God!" said the old codger. Adding:
"The Moabite now dead and his unloving children suspected so
"Children who lived far-off in a land called Moab,
"Once an ancient kingdom east of the Dead Sea-suspected so,
"For it was only rumored, he was dead, and sometimes hoped he was
"Dead, did not ask for his remains, only what his possessions and his
"Property understood of …, this was the gravity of it!
"So the Moabite was buried by strangers, in a strange land where
"He worked, year after year, and in time his grave was filled with rubble,
"But not the old white haired poet, regardless of his wrongs,
"They sang his poetic songs."
"Why?" asked the young lad, far-off in Africa, feeling dismayed at such a tale! "Why does the poet live on and the Mason be long forgotten?"
The old codger took but a second to reflect, "A man must not
"Waver too long between two Gods, in this case Baal and Elohim.
"If he does, he is lowly bewildered, bewitched, wind-swept, and none
"Will recognize him, the false, the demon, and the real, and this was the" Moabite's ways, unt his death! "

Written 2-11-2014 / No: 1029

Note: A Moabite was a native inhabitant of Moab, Moab being an ancient kingdom east of the Dead Sea in present-day southwest Jordan, descendants of Lot.

In part, inspired by James A, Michener