Who Turned The Freaking Lights Out Again?

Can anyone tell me where the On/Off switch is? I am standing in complete darkness and I can’t seem to find the switch. I’m not sure how I got here but it sure would be nice to find the switch to illuminate this joint again. Does this sound familiar?

How is this possible? I would like to think that once the lights are on THEY ARE ON. But NOOOOOO, the crazy, crazy, crazy part is this that I truly do not know how the switch is turned on and off. I am aware of the powering up or down of the generator that supplies the juice to my switch. I am able to power it up with my spiritual practices, acts of kindness, spreading love etc. or power it down by allowing too much stress or negativity into my space. But I have not found the actual switch. The absolutely amazing part is that the generator can never ever lose its source of power. I know that I am always plugged in, that my source is just a flip of the switch away. Even cooler (dating myself) is that even if you are not aware of, neglect or deny this source you can never ever disconnect. Oh, we humans go to great lengths to try to disconnect from the source of our magnificence and perfection. Through our words and actions we may jump on it, pour toxic waste on it, we might go as far as taking a sledge hammer or chain saw to that connection and we may do this for years on end. But nothing and I mean NOTHING can disconnect us from our divine connection to the source of all power and light. So where the hell is the switch?

My walk through life would feel a lot lighter if I always was in a place of pure illumination. You know, that nummy energy of personal power, cloaked in the inner knowing of perfection. What I call the beautiful cobblestone path of expansion and creativity. I just love walking barefoot along that path feeling grounded and connected, which leads me to the emerald green mossy path of healing and illumination. AHHHHHH Lights Are On, all is well.

It is my experience that I need some darkness to appreciate the light. It almost seems to amplify the pristine beauty of the illuminating force. One day I might be whining and fear filled about what is, what isn’t, what should be or what hasn’t been, you know just plain old feeling dark and gloomy. Then it happens! The lights go back on. Kind of like when the power goes out in a storm. You never know when the power will return but it always does.

My final question today is who flips the switch? An angel, a guide, God, my mom (may she rest in peace) or maybe my higher self. I’m not sure, if I figure it out I will let you in on the secret, for now I remain in gratitude that someone or something knows where the switch is and that our Source will never leave us.

Standing in the pristine light of my knowing,