Why a Dental Fixed Bridge Is the Answer to Your Missing Teeth

There is a misconception that only old people can lose their teeth, but this is not the case. Both young and old people can suffer from missing teeth and the effects are devastating. This is because the teeth are the crown of your smile and also help shape your face. Without teeth, you would also not be able to eat properly. You would be limited about when and who to smile to and what and where to eat from.

You will surprised at how many Americans are missing one or more teeth. This is a major problem that many are suffering from, but luckily there is a solution. The answer is dental fixed bridge. They are the solution for gaps in your gums where teeth should be. There are different types of bridges depending on how many teeth you are missing and which ones in particular. The type of bridge for the front teeth will be different from that of your molars. This procedure will also require several weeks to be complete and so you would need to make arrangements with your place of work.

So what is involved?

There are several steps when it comes to getting a dental fixed bridge.

1. The first step is to get a consultation from a qualified dental surgeon who will then assess your teeth situation and give you feedback on the way forward. Once you receive a confirmation that you need a bridge, you can book an appointment to have the procedure done.

2. The second stage of this process involves you and the dentist making an informed decision about which materials to use for your bridge depending on how many teeth are missing and where those gaps in your teeth are.

3. The third phase consists of the number of procedures you will have to undergo to fix the bridge into your gums. Depending on the severity of your missing teeth, you may need more than three visits to your dentist. You will need to work your schedule around these visits. Most reputable companies should give you time off to get your dental fixed bridge procedure done. It is critical that you have ample time for the procedures and any necessary recovery period.

Now that you know what is involved, you should be able to make a better, more informed decision when it comes to you missing teeth. You may worry about the cost of this procedure, but you will find that most insurance firms will pay for this procedure. You are also guaranteed that this is a permanent solution, especially if you practice good hygiene. You must brush your teeth at least twice a day with a good toothbrush and a dentist recommended toothpaste.