Why a Metal Building for Your Garage or Shop

Why on earth should you purchase a metal building for your home garage or workshop? With all of the options available to you, what makes a metal building your best buy?

If you are considering a new garage or shop, you should find the answer to these questions before you make your purchasing decision. The answers will help you in your decision and may just save you money for years to come!


First and foremost, the quality of a new building should be of utmost importance. Metal buildings offer huge benefits over other types of building materials.

All of the usual benefits of steel in buildings apply here. Steel has the highest strength to weight ratio of all building products. Metal building components do not warp, twist, crack, expand and shrink like wood. A metal building that is fabricated to be square and 'true' and when built that way, holds that way. No costly repairs here!

Steel is impermeable to termites and other rodents and does not support the growth of mold. Even kiln-dried framing lumber has a residual moisture content of about 12%.

Most metal building packages are fabricated in a manufacturing environment. The controlled environment and quality-control measures in place assure you of a very high quality product.


Steel buildings are non-combustible. This can be a very important factor depending on the building's use. You will want to check with insurance broker as well. Many offer good discounts in insurance premiums for non-combustible buildings. This item alone can make your metal building purchase worth while.

Metal buildings can be engineered to suit the worst climatic and seismic conditions. Your garage or shop building can be built to withstand gale-force winds, hurricanes and earthquakes with relatively little or no damage.

Lightning is not a problem either. In fact, a steel frame reduces the likelihood of explosions, secondary fires or personal injury because steel buildings have multiple conductive paths to the ground. It's no wonder that we have used steel skyscrapers for years providing safe offices and residences.


Are you eco-friendly? Steel is considered a green building material for a number of reasons.

First of all, steel is 100% recyclable. Approximately 67% of the steel in metal framing components is recycled. For a 2,500 square foot house, it would take about 7 or 8 recycled automobiles while the same wood house would use up about 25 old-growth trees.

An average home would generate about 50 cubic feet of landfill waste using lumber. The same home would generate about 1.5 cubic feet of waste. And that waste is recyclable!

Building Types

There are a number of different types of metal building construction. Choosing the right building to suit your garage or shop building needs may save you money up-front as well as long term returns.

Structural steel framed buildings are usually only economic for the larger garage and shop buildings, or those that will have heavy loads like cranes added to them.

Metal stud framed buildings are an economic alternative to the wood pole barn type structures. These buildings are often more flexible in design than wood. They can be panelized in a manufacturing environment then shipped to the site for easy inspection. Metal studs can be insulated to suit your particular needs as well. Even the roof trusses can be constructed of metal framing.

Metal arch buildings have long been an economic solution for garages and shops. They are often supplied in do-it-yourself type kits. An experienced handy-man can erect these kits with little difficulty. Hanging things (cabinets etc.) from the wall can be difficult as the walls and roof of this type of structure are also the structure itself. Any penetration of the skin is a potential leak.

With all of the benefits of metal buildings – including the potential cost savings – it's no wonder that home-owners are purchasing these packages for their garages and workshops. Find out more about metal building kits at http://www.prefabmetalbuildingkits.com . With careful consideration and a little home-work, you can find the metal building that is perfect for your needs.