Why a New Swimming Pool is a Really Good Investment

Do you think a new swimming pool can enhance your home’s value? Often those of us with the space to install one might ask this question. And the answer might not always be what you think.

In today’s tough residential real estate market, it’s now just so much more difficult to sell a home than it ever used to be. That’s why you need to do everything possible to enhance the value of your home. That leads to the question: Does having a swimming pool make your home more attractive to potential buyers?

The obvious answer would be yes, but sometimes it’s a difficult question to answer. There are some buyers who will be impressed to see a nicely maintained in-ground or above-ground swim pool in your backyard. But other buyers will be turned off the by a swimming pool. They might be worried about the maintenance or safety issues if they have smaller children.

It all comes down to the individual preferences of buyers. Some see any sort of pool as a great bonus and the chance for a lot of fun and enjoyment. They also could see the opportunity to get heart-healthy exercise by swimming laps, or maybe just a great way to entertain their children and friends.

Others, though, view swimming pools as just one more thing to take care of. It must be said that many of us just want an easy life. Swimming pools, after all, do require significant upkeep. Other potential buyers may look at a swimming pool as a potential danger, especially if they have young children.

If you do have a swimming pool at your home, you can either fill it in or dismantle it when you put your home on the market, or you can make sure it is perfectly maintained and cleaned and hope it helps you sell your home faster. It really is just luck sometimes. But if you are in a neighborhood where everyone has a pool then you should keep it nice and well maintained, as without it your house won’t seem right to local buyers.

Keeping a pool, whether it is an in-ground variety or a standard above-ground model, in top condition is key. Buyers want to see that you’ve taken good care of your home. If they see a dirty pool, or one that’s filled with leaves, they may think you’ve been as sloppy with the rest of your home and that could easily put them off buying your property..

Having a swimming pool won’t please every potential buyer of your home. But it will certainly be seen as a positive by some of them. Just make sure that pool always looks clean and presentable. By doing this, you’ll present not just your pool but your home in its best light possible. And that is always a good thing, especially when selling a home not so easy anymore.