Why Anti-Social Humans May Actually Be More Intelligent and More Evolved

We see that many psychologists, teachers, and parents are bothered by anti-social people, and if Little Johnny in school is exhibiting anti-social behavior then there must be something terribly wrong? Yes, maybe there is and then again maybe there isn’t, maybe nothing is wrong with Little Johnny. For instance, maybe Little Johnny just doesn’t want to follow the crowd, maybe he is a natural leader, or a really intelligent kid, and he doesn’t wish to be coaxed along by the teacher manipulating his emotions to serve there will.

Thus, maybe in this case Johnny is actually the thinker, more intelligent, and not one to follow. Does Johnny have a behavior problem or does he have a better understanding of what’s going on. Maybe he’s not destined to be a sheeple or follow the crowd, maybe he’s different, smarter, thinks for himself, more self-aware, has more self-esteem, and thus, maybe he’s just plain more evolved than the rest of the kids?

Why do we as a society assume anti-social behavior is a bad thing? Well, it’s pretty simple, authority figures and academia tell us that anti-social behavior is a bad thing, but how do we know this? How do we know that authority doesn’t like anti-social people because they are too quick to challenge their authority, call them on their BS, and are not easily manipulated to march in lock-step with the crowd, the mass mobs, or be controlled by those who wish to rule?

In that case, one could make the argument that those who will not succumb to the mass mobs, are actually more likely to think for themselves, and more likely to be the rules, not the ruled. Ah, but if this is so, then the authority and current rules know they are a threat, and they must do whatever they can to push them back into the herd right – it makes perfect sense when you think about it.

Maybe we are all reading Little Johnny wrong, maybe Johnny is the better human, intellectually stronger, and more self-reliant. Maybe we should be less inclined to believe that members of the herd are better because they are more social, and consider that Johnny is the one we should follow, if he cares to be followed and that maybe his brand of anti-social-ness is a sign of an evolved human being, perhaps this is the future, and a much better place to be.

Or maybe you like to accumulate friends on Facebook and MySpace and go along with the sheeple and herd. Perhaps, you might even join the Borg one day, or live in a commune? The choice is yours, but are you willing to ditch your pre-conceived notions and think about what I am saying, or do you refuse to leave your mob of humanity to explore? I challenge you, and your herd to think.