Why Are Logo Mats In Vast Demand?

When you step on a  mat , don’t you instinctively look at it? This is especially true when you visit offices, libraries or showrooms. Previously, a  mat  was simply classified as a floor covering that was used to keep the dust and dirt away from a room. But nowadays, it has graduated from a floor covering to an unconventional yet effective medium of advertising.

Surprised? Till a few years back, the concept of using a  mat  as a mode of advertising would be surely laughed at. But the present scenario says otherwise. First of all, what is advertising? It is a method to create an impression in the minds of the public and to make sure that the image stays in their minds. Thus the logo  mats  were born. As is evident from the name, the companies emboss their logos on the  mats  and these are placed at various places. When visitors look at the  mat , they instinctively think about the company and its products and services.

Some are still skeptical regarding the effectiveness of using logo  mats  as an advertising medium. Although it may not directly ensure higher sales, it will help to register a favorable image of your company. It is actually a boon for small businesses that can’t afford to invest millions of dollars for costly advertisement campaigns. Nowadays, LED (light emitting diode) technology is being used to make illuminated logo  mats  that are even more striking. According to recent reports, this method is enormously successful.

A lot of companies these days are manufacturing such types of logo  mats . If you are the owner of a small business, then a logo  mat  placed at the entrance of your office will be the best way to register an impression in the minds of visitors and prospective clients. However, you should keep a few things in mind such as:

1. Make sure that the logo is striking.

2. The design should be appealing yet simple. Intricate and complex designs will confuse people.

3. The logo should ideally be placed in the center of the  mat .

4. If you are using illuminated ones, placing one of these in front of your reception is not a bad idea.

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