Why Are Volleyball Shoes So Important?

Volleyball is a sport that requires only a few pieces of equipment. What this ultimately means is that the pieces of equipment that you do need are very important. Volleyball is a very quick game, which means that you need to react quickly, and put your legs and arms into motion as fast as possible. Volleyball Courts are made of timber or covered in a hard plastic sheet, so they are relatively easy to get traction on. However, if you get any dust on your shoes or any water, it’s easy to slip. Having the most grip possible means that you can take off at the fastest speed to reach the ball.

In a professional game having the quickest acceleration and stopping ability makes a massive difference. Volleyball shoes are designed with a sticky sole on the bottom, which means that they grip exceptionally well to the court. There is nothing worse than wearing shoes which you don’t feel exactly comfortable or safe in. Slipping over on court is a very easy way to injure yourself as well, which would cost you much more than a decent set of Volleyball Shoes in the first place.

Having the support for landing from a height and for jumping is vital in Volleyball as well. The higher you can jump in Volleyball the more chance that you have of hitting the ball over the opponents block, or clipping their fingers. Even an extra inch makes a massive difference, and the cushion on volleyball shoes helps to provide you with the extra support to jump high. When you land from a height it’s easy to damage your feet to, but with cushioned shoes you reduce this significantly.