Why Bamboo Flooring Will Save the World

There is little question our natural resources and global environment is in trouble. Even with the growing awareness of the problem and changes to our lifestyles, the environmental problems continue to grow. Natural resources are disappearing faster than they can be replenished. Fossil fuels are disappearing at an astonishing rate, and the hole in the ozone layer is growing larger.

Fortunately, I'm not entirely convinced the world will come crashing down around us. I for one have faith that the earth will be saved by an unsuspected hero. I'm positive that bamboo flooring (with our help, of course) will save the world.

Bamboo Flooring – A Savior?

While it's illegally that flooring made from bamboo can compete with global emission laws or new forms of worldwide energy, it can make a fundamental impact on a global scale. Here's how:

Bamboo floors are made from trash that is usually burned. By not burning the bamboo stalks infringing on fields, bamboo flooring is saving a bit of the ozone layer. By using materials that grow quickly enough to be considered weeds in the first place, bamboo floors are saving timber forests that take decades to replenish. Keeping fields clear of excess bamboo also allows farmers to focus on growing crops to feed world populations.

The manufacturing process is relatively clean. The process to create bamboo flooring is much cleaner than that of hardwood or laminate flooring. There are few chemicals to treat the raw materials and few toxins are released into the air during the actual manufacturing process.

The product lifespan is extensive. Bamboo flooring lasts beautifully for decades in a home with relatively little maintenance. This means not only are floor varnishes and toxic finishes or cleaning products not polluting the air, old carpet that you never needed are not winding up in the city dump either.

Saving the Big Stuff

You may feel this is all well and good, but there are bigger problems for our planet than a few rather full landfills. Flooring made from bamboo might not be an all encompassing solution to the world's problems, but it does make a difference. While it would be great if a floor solution could change the world, it is improbable if not impossible for one thing to save the environment. That is no reason to give up hope, however.

Every small contribution we make to save our planet is a step in the right direction. Bamboo flooring is a major investment. By installing it instead of stone cut from a strip min operation or carpet that will wind up in a landfill someday, you'll have made a critical impact, however small, on our struggling planet. Sometimes those small impacts will combine to make dramatic changes.

Beside, if everyone had bamboo flooring, we would not have problems with emissions or fossil fuel depletion. Nobody would be on the roads – they'd all be at home admiring just how beautiful their new bamboo flooring looks.