Why Build a Gravel Driveway?

Gravel is a low-cost solution to building a driveway. They can function as permanent driveway, and they are inexpensive to maintain. After determining whether a gravel driveway is the right paving solution, planning and a tape measure, shovel, scalpings, a vibrating plate, and gravel are all you need to create a stunning visual entrance to your home.

Driveway solutions such as concrete or asphalt are boring. Gravel, on the other hand, does not have to be so monotonous. Stones in various shades of red, grey, and tan are available. The driveway is the first impression on a house, and vibrant gravel stones can make a bold statement.

If concrete is not laid properly in the first place, it is hard to correct. Asphalt is messy and hard to lie as well. Gravel, however, can be altered, changed, or corrected throughout its lifespan. Maintenance of gravel is far easier, as you can smooth over or add more as time goes by, depending on the usage or the needs of the driveway.

As with any major construction project, it is important to prepare properly for the creation of a gravel driveway. First, think about the purpose of the road that will be graveled. Who or what will be using it? If the driveway will be receiving heavy or frequent traffic from cars and other vehicles, then it will need to be deep enough for the additional use. On the other hand, a road that will be receiving mostly foot traffic can stay shallow.

There are right and wrong types of gravel to use for driveway construction. The last thing to consider when determining if gravel is the right driveway solution for a home is the type of gravel that will be used. Round stones will slide out of place easily and will require regular maintenance. Angular stones are better for driveways because they lock together and reduce movement. They also create the crunch sound under the weight of car tires that is associated with driveways made of gravel.

Garden centers and stone dealers can help you determine what stones are available and what works best in a given area. The Internet also offers do-it-yourself guides and specific instructions and recommendations by people who have successfully created a gravel driveway. Leveling the road properly and choosing the right stone is all it takes to make a statement that impresses visitors as they approach the home.