Why Build Your Own Dory

I was once asked the question of why one would put themselves through all the sweat and effort of building a dory when all they have to do is buy a small wooden boat that would suit their needs. At first I was off a bit by the fact that someone would have the audacity to question the exercise of creating something out of a pile of wood. But after a while I came to understand that it was in fact, a legitimate question.

I mean, why would someone do-it-yourself when the easy way is so …. easy? Just go buy yourself a boat. Fact is, times have changed. People microwave hot dog buns because it takes too long to steam them. Most of us eat takeout more than we should simply because we do not have time to cook anymore. It is a busy world where we want things when we want them, and not weeks down the road. You want a wooden boat; just buy it. To some, building things yourself looks old fashioned. I guess that was where this individual who asked me the question was coming from.

Now, as far as I am concerned there are two huge reasons why one would build their own dory boat. The first is because a dory is simply an amazing boat. I love everything about them. The lines are great, she is very stable, and draws very little water so is great for shoal water fishing. I have spent many hours sitting in a dory on a bright sunny day and I would not trade that for all of the fiberglass or aluminum boats in the world. So, you build a dory because a dory is one hellova boat. Secondly, you build a dory because there is something about taking a pile of wood and crafting something from it that will last. We are at our core, a species that was born to use tools to advance ourselves. Those tools have become computers and technology these days, but the hammer and saw are still a large part of who we are as a people. To sit back once your dory is complete and look at the accomplishment of your own craftsmanship is a feeling that is hard to beat.

In short sir, you take the time and effort to build your own dory because its something you can take pride in, in a busy world where folks no longer take the time to stop and create something with their own two hands. It keeps us in touch with our past and lets us enjoy the present a little more.