Why Cable and Internet Are a Part of Our Lives

Cable and internet has become an integral part of almost every American's lives. Watching sports, movies, news, etc. is just as much a part of the average American's life as hamburgers and fries. Internet connection is now a must have for every home.

Many people can not work with internet connection. Checking e-mail, Facebook, and chatting on skype have become common relaxants. There are many more ways that internet and cable have become intertwined in the American lifestyle. In this article we are discussing the role of internet and cable in the average American family in an entertainment capacity and not in the American corporation point of view.

Some people have raised the question whether TV and internet are healthy. The answer to that question is pretty complex. It has to do with how much time people actually spend on the computer or in front of the TV. Psychologically speaking, it is really not that healthy for children to spend their most creative years stuck in front of a monitor or a TV screen when they should be out playing, learning, and experiencing the world.

For adults the answers vary. It depends what occupation adults are in, and how they relate to their jobs. Many people have desk jobs working on a computer all day long. It can be training on the eyes to come home and then spend another few hours on the computer of watching cable TV.

Moderation seems to be the key when it comes to cable and internet for entertainment. Different strokes work for different folks. For some it could be a perfectly healthy way to relax. Others enjoy sports and should be out in the fresh air and sunshine learning how to hone their sport skills. Yet others like to stay in touch with friends via the internet but also enjoy getting around and partying. It take moderation to live a healthy balanced life.