Why Choose a Career in Welding Technology

If you have been searching for a career path chances are you must be tired by now. Everyone is telling you what the best career choice is. It’s your parents, friends and even the TV and the internet are telling you what to do for a living. Hey it’s your choice and it is a decision that will affect the rest of your life. Take your time and do what feels right for you. But before you decide make sure you know the facts about what a career in welding has to offer.

Welding is what makes almost everything we use possible. It does not matter what it is as long as it is made of metal chances are it was welded. This makes welding a technology that will always be in demand no matter what the economy happens to do. But did you know welding offers:


Advancement Opportunities

Excellent Pay

Do those perks sound good to you? Be careful what you ask for!

Welding is one of those fields that is always in need of people who want to travel. As a welder if you want to earn a good living then you need to travel. Most of the high paying jobs are located in remote places that have few people to fill the positions. Some of the places welders have worked range from the bottom of the oceans to outer space. Chances are you won’t need to travel that far but going overseas is very common.

As a welder you will get a chance to advance your career. Not only are the opportunities available but many companies are willing to work with you in order to fill the positions that few schools offer degrees for. Welding is one of those fields that have always had a shortage of people and that means employers that are willing to train or pay for you to advance your career! That is pretty good considering many other careers are only looking to get rid of their employees.

Welders can make really good money. The work is hard but where else can you earn a doctor’s salary. The catch is you will also work very long hours like a doctor. It is very common to work 84 hours a week or more! That is how many welders are able to earn more than $10,000 a month! It all comes from overtime pay and the other perks that companies offer to get you into the door.

In the end, welding does offer many opportunities that very few other careers can even come close to. Welding is one of those careers that requires a lot of commitment but the rewards are just as great if you are willing to stick it out. It’s not for everyone so think about what you really want to do for a living before jumping into a lifelong commitment.