Why Consider Buying a Blue Ridge Mountain Property

Buying a Blue Ridge Mountain property is the dream of many but the privilege of few. Every year thousands of tourists drive along the spectacular Blue Ridge Parkway that runs for 469.1 miles through these green and pristine mountains wondering what it might be like to live in such a pretty landscape.

The Blue Ridge Mountains are part of the Appalachian Mountains, a vast system that runs down the eastern side of North America. The peaks are majestic and the views are spectacular.

For many owning a piece of land in this region is just a pipe dream. For others who make buying a home in this area a reality, there are many different types of property to choose from. Horse farms, log cabins, hobby farms or homes with a river frontage make up some of the real estate styles available.

If building a log cabin has always been your dream, there are lots of land available in the secluded forest with mountain views. In addition, horse farms complete with stables, barns and paddocks are available over all 4 states that are home to these mountains.

Virginia is a popular spot for hobby farm owners to make a living from the fertile land with crops and livestock. Complete with barns, creeks and acres of rolling hills, these hobby farms offer everything to sustain a family and make a profit.

Each of these real estate choices have one thing in common, the beautiful scenic Blue Ridge Mountains as a backdrop while you live a life of peace and tranquility away from the stress of the big cities.