Why Do Celebrities Influence Our Lives?

What is a celebrity? A celebrity or “celeb” as I refer to them is someone who is easily recognized within our society, relishing on the limelight and media attention. Some gain there celebrity status through their chosen professions in life from musicians to golf players, footballers to actors and actresses. But no matter who they are, or how they came to be a celebrity, they have a huge effect on our every day lives.

Every time we turn on the television or radio their there, for every newspaper and tabloid we buy, their there and they even dominate the magazines from top to bottom and from front to back page, there really is no escaping them. Why are they there, well thats one question I can answer easily, because celebrity gossip makes money, thousands and thousands of pounds each day, every day, week in and week out, month after month and year after year.With the press, photographers and paparazzi at every corner continually watching the celebrities every movements, what else could or even would dominate the headlines. Whether the gossip is good or bad for publicity we still crave that constant celeb gossip.

Is everything that we read really true? Now there is a question I cant answer, I honestly don’t know, and I guess the only people that can genuinely answer that are the celebs themselves. Even the celebs that are “quick to put the record straight” use the limelight to correct the misunderstandings which in turn creates a media frenzy. But fame can also be very costly to those involved and this has been very apparent with certain celebs of late. Where their antics off screen or pitch has hit the headlines all over the world for the wrongest of wrong reasons.

And what about the celeb gossip sites. I personally believe that some celebs thrive on the constant and endless stream of attention. Knowing that the endless comments can only heighten their notoriety, what better way can a celeb boost their bank account. If some reports are to be believed then the celebs themselves are to blame for the invasion on their personal lives. Making deals worth mega money over exclusive rights for their pictures.

Then you get the celebrities who believe they have every post covered when it comes to keeping secrets, and amazingly that BIG SECRET still hits the headlines followed normally with a law suit trying to sue the photographer or magazine for publishing the pictures before the celeb themselves even have a chance to develop their own photo film, how does that happen?

In general people just love to know more and more about their favorite celebs and are forever trying to fulfil their appetite for gossip. And online gossip blogs have really hit the big time, real time updates and posting live streams keep the followers forever riveted to the screen, awaiting the next huge scoop. Often small snippets are released as teasers to the followers quite often from the celeb themselves via twitter, this then encourages us to look a little more in depth into the credibility of the snippet, and so starts another huge online following. Online celeb gossip site really are the easiest and quickest way to find out all the latest celeb news. And to be honest I personally believe the celebs think that this is the best thing to happen to their industry.

We all seem to absorb ourselves into the lives of our favorite celebs, who they are dating, weight loss, weight gain, who’s next to divorce, and so on. And celebs truly influence every aspect of modern day living, from the next fashion designer to hit the high streets or the latest must have hair style, we love to live in a world of surreal fantasy.

Love em or hate em you cant escape the world of celebrity gossip, true or false, fact or fiction we are the ones who if truth be told, pay their annual wages, yet 99% of us will never achieve the notoriety or ever become a celeb in our own right. What really makes celebs different to us, well again I’m going to have a genuine guess and say nothing, they are no different to us we are all living and breathing humans.