Why Do Girls Like Jerks Instead of Nice Guys?

This question is asked constantly by guys who consider themselves "the nice guy". Before answering the question, it's important to recognize the root problem of the question itself. I have a lot of wonderful, guy friends, which I would never date … WHY? They complain that they are the nice guy who girls just try to be friends with, but I know them very well and they are not so nice when it comes to women.

Any TRULY nice guy has absolutely no trouble getting together with women, and he is not always trying to get with every woman he meets, nor is he frustrated about the "hotties" not giving him enough attention, because he does not actually see women this way at all. The problem is that those guys who call themselves the "nice guys" are looking for their porn queen and want to have as many women as possible, rather than just one that would really get along with them really well and who has the affection for them . They ignore the girls that show them signs of interest because of their weight, or popularity, or whatever other shallow reason prevails them from even seeing that those girls exist. When they themselves, these self-pronounced nice guys, are not too good looking themselves.

They are too scared to walk up to a girl and ask her out, which the "jerks" are not too afraid to do. The "jerks" understand that it is just a matter of statistics, that 1 out of 10 at least girls … sometimes more and sometimes less, is going to say yes to them. These "jerks" pretend to be the nice guy and the girls often think that the "nice guy" is what they are getting. These "jerks" have more experience because they have worked harder at it and have been told by many a girl what they liked and did not like and wanted, and they have learned how to fake it just long enough to snag the girl.

Also, some girls just like excitement. Some girls would rather be riding on the back of the "jerk's" motorcycle, than sitting on your couch with you and your mom watching Jerry Springer or Oprah Winfrey or even, sometimes … Scrubs … No really …. IT'S TRUE!

If you think you are a nice guy then consider why you have so much time to cry over the girls who are going for the jerks. Perhaps it's because you are not out there living any kind of adventure. Perhaps it is because you are not spending your time asking the girls out. Perhaps you have all this time to think about these things because there are so many commercials on the television.

Truly nice guys are very rare and guys who call themselves nice reply to admit that the truly nice guys even exist, because then they would realize that they are just one of the jerks, but worse … just one of the jerks without a girl . Maybe try turning off the porn once in a while. Then you might just have a chance of figuring out what a real live girl really wants and maybe then you might see the beauty in the girl that is already out there waiting for you.