Why Do People Keep Fish As Pets?

Fish are probably the lowest maintenance of all pets. They do not need your company. They do not need grooming. You do not need to train them. You never need to exercise your fish.

Fish can be fed once daily, or if you need to go away for the weekend, you can get slow release food that will last a couple of days.

Fish will never chew your slippers, bite your guests or soil your rug.

Fish are silent, so the neighbours will not complain about the noise.

You only need a space the size of your fish tank to keep fish.

Fish will not cover your clothes and furniture in loose hair. They do not shed hair so fish do not aggravate allergies in sufferers.

At the end of a stressful day, there is nothing more relaxing than sitting back watching fish gracefully floating through the crystal water.

The cost of setting up a simple goldfish tank with a couple of goldfish is very moderate. Their food does not cost much and one container lasts for months. There are no other costs for the basic set up. Compared to the cost of a cat or dog, this is very cheap.

If you want variety, you cannot beat the range available. You can buy larger tanks, pumps, filters, heaters, plants and decorations. You can buy exotic fish and choose between tropical, salt water and freshwater tanks. There are plenty of different ways to enhance your fish keeping experience, if you choose to get more involved.

You do need some knowledge of the types of fish and their natural habitation. You can learn a lot from the internet but the best knowledge comes from people who keep the fish themselves. Find a good aquarium keeper, as many pet shop owners do not have a good knowledge of fish keeping. Maybe you would be interested in joining a club. Members would be a good source of valuable information on fish keeping.

Visit people who keep large tanks of exotic fish. Look at the way their tanks are set up. The ones I like best are the natural ones. They look like a window into the sea, with plants and a variety of fish life, including snails and many different sizes of fish. If you prefer a fun look, there are plenty of ornaments you can arrange to make an interesting scene. The ornaments are good for hiding the equipment, like pumps and air bubblers.

Keeping fish can be a rewarding and interesting hobby. They allow people with demanding careers to enjoy pets without the inconvenience of grooming, training, exercising and companionship demands of other pets. They are also very beautiful creatures.