Why Do We Need Scholarships?

Some may ask why we even need scholarships at all. They ask what is the point of rewarding some people over others, and allowing them to get an education at a reduced cost, or possibly even a free ride. Scholarships exist to further society and make us a better species overall. It encourages education and higher learning and rewards the most able students for their effort, as to bring about even more positive results.

Companies like to give out scholarships as a form of PR. Giant corporations like Pepsi and Microsoft give out millions of dollars in scholarship money every year. They do this because when they do, they usually get a write-up in the newspapers and blogosphere. They’ll submit a press release letting everyone know who received the award money, how much, and what great people they are. People like to see bright young minds get free money to go to school and they look kindly on the corporations that provide this money. As a long-term investment these companies also realize that if a student has a great mind and ability, they may consider working for the company that gave them the scholarship, making it a win-win situation.

Some foundations exist for the only reason of giving away free money to deserving students. They are required by law to give away all of the money they receive because that’s why they were created. They will usually seek out students that are following the same path as the foundation’s creator, or students whose vision is in line with their mission statement. To get these foundation scholarships one must usually fill out an application that includes an essay.

Some scholarships go to students that exhibit enough financial need. In this instance we need scholarships in order to ensure that the brightest minds get the most education they can, regardless of their circumstances. If only those that could afford to go to college or grad school went, we’d be missing out on the amazing students that come from humble upbringings. Scholarships help level the playing field of education and make anyone’s dream a possibility.

We need scholarships because it helps each new generation become smarter than the one before it. It’s how we evolve our brains. The smartest and wealthiest among us use their money and ability to create scholarship opportunities to the emerging young minds. It’s a way of passing the intellectual torch to the next generation of great thinkers and doers. A world without scholarships would be one with even more disparity between the rich and the poor, more civil uprisings, and a dumbing-down effect on the general population. We need scholarships to balance out these negative effects and give hope to us all.