Why Does a Sinus Infection Headache Occur?

Having a headache simply means experiencing an ache or pain in the head. This situation usually occurs due to various malfunctions of the body system one of them being, having a sinus infection. A sinus infection refers to the inflammation of the sinuses in the body where by their linings are forced to swell up and cause an obstruction of air going to the sinuses. This condition makes it hard for one to breathe and in the process a lot of other complications such as nasal congestion, fever, constant coughing and sneezing start taking place.

A sinus infection headache however seems to be different from the other types of headaches.This type of headache tends to increase its severity whenever you bend over or during the time coughing takes place but on other times, the pain appears to be a bit dull rather than its usual nature of having a piercing or knife-like effect on the person’s head.

Since a sinus infection headache will always be triggered by the inflammation of the sinuses, the position in the head where the pain is being felt usually helps to determine which pair of sinuses have been infected. This is possible since nerves attached to the sinuses are also attached to the head skull and therefore, When the pain is being felt around your forehead, the most probable infected sinuses have to be the frontal pair of sinuses. The reason for saying this is that, these sinuses are situated over the eyes and when infected, one would expect the pain to be around the forehead. When pain coming from the sinus infection headache is being felt in the area between and behind your eyes, then the most likely sinuses that have been infected should be the ethmoid sinuses since they are the ones that are located in the deeper recesses of the nose.

Infection of maxillary sinuses believed to be situated in the middle part of your face, below the eyes and to the side of your nose, often cause pain to be felt across your face and according to medical reports, the maxillary sinuses appear to be the ones that get infected most of the time. Doctors always ask for this symptom when conducting a diagnosis to ascertain that indeed you are suffering from a sinus infection. However, occasionally, a rare occurrence of a sinus infection headache can also take place in the back part of your head. This type of headache occurs when the deepest situated pair of sinuses known as the sphenoid sinuses get infected.

Having a sinus infection headache, most of the time serves as an indication that the sinus infection is worsening and that appropriate treatment should be looked for by the patient.

Pain relievers such as paracetamals and asprin may be used to ease the effect of the sinus infection headache on the patient but to get rid of this problem once and for all is through curing the infection itself. This can be achieved by taking antibiotics such as Amoxillins which are used to treat sinus infection brought about by bacteria present in the respiratory tract. Nasal sprays like Neosynephrine and Afrin can also be used to treat the sinus infection by shrinking the swellings that block air from reaching the sinuses hence in the process, preventing sinus infections and in the end curing the sinus infection headache.