Why Does My Ex Take So Long To Reply Back To My Messages? 15 Reasons Why Your Ex Does This!

You sent your ex a message 5 hours ago, and they still haven’t responded. You know they are around, and you know they got your message, so why does your ex take so long to reply back to your messages? Here’s why your ex is purposefully taking forever to respond back to your messages:

#15: There’s No Space – Your messages are smothering your ex, because all they want is some space; and all you want is to talk.

#14: They’re Walking On Egg Shells – You’re a cannon, you explode all the time. Your ex has no idea what to say to you that won’t make you explode; so they don’t respond at all sometimes.

#13: You Don’t Listen – They say one thing, you do the opposite; so they make you REFLECT on your mistake by ignoring you.

#12: You’re Too Demanding – You just broke up, yet you are treating them as though they are still you’re partner. They are not anymore, and want you to understand that.

#11: They Can’t Be Themselves – If your ex does respond how they want to, you’ll take it the wrong way, will criticize it….and your ex can never just be themselves around you, thus they don’t bother replying on time anymore.

#10: You Blame Them – You point fingers at your ex always, and they are tired of it. They know they are not always wrong.

#9: Everything Is An Argument – Your ex is damned if they do, and damned if they don’t; so now they just give up trying to please you.

#8: You Beg Them To Come Back – It just looks pathetic, and your ex isn’t ready to get back together yet.

#7: There’s No Common Ground – You disagree, your ex disagrees; and neither of you can ever come to any common ground, so your ex avoids you.

#6: Your Ex Is Hurting – Your ex may still like you, but they are hurting, and you remind them of the pain; so they take time to respond because of it.

#5: You Keep Making Mistakes– You are still doing the same bad behavior that caused the breakup; so now they are creating even more distance.

#4: You Ask For Inappropriate Things – You expect intimacy or other things that you got when you were together; but your ex has drawn a line and doesn’t think those things are appropriate. But you still persist, so now they ignore you.

#3: There’s No Growth – In the time you’ve been broken up, your ex has expected some change and growth; but instead you’ve only shown deterioration.

#2: You Don’t Use Reservation – You say things you shouldn’t still, and still don’t show any reservation around subjects that could make your ex upset.

#1: You Keep Apologizing – Apologies are genuine when you make efforts to back your words up with actions. If all your ex sees are words; then obviously they will not bother responding to it.