Why Electric Is the Best Option for Ondol Heating

Ondol heating has come a long way over the many years from its earliest use way back in 1,000 BC and modern technology has pushed this evolvement to what it is today. Ondol heating is widely accepted as one of the most efficient and productive forms of under floor heating around.

However, ondol heating itself has evolved over the years from traditionally involving heating stones under the floor boards via a heat source such as a stove to now being available in an electrical form with their Well-Being Electric Ondol Panel.

So while the traditional methods are still popular, let’s take a look at why using an electric ondol panel has many more advantages than its predecessors.

Value for Money

The first benefit of installing an electronic ondol panel is that it is far more cost-effective compared to the other types of ondol heating. Firstly, there is no need for the installation of expensive plumbing and secondly the fuel costs associated with the paneling are far more efficient and affordable.

Additionally, due to the installation taking far less time, there are savings to be made on the labors costs throughout the installation.

Has a long Lifespan

Another great advantage to using an electric ondol panel is that they have a longer lifespan than any other type. This makes it a great option for businesses such as hotels, schools, restaurants, and churches that regularly have a lot of people within them due to being cost effective and long lasting.

Additionally, whilst being extremely durable and having a long life, it can be moved easily and should therefore be classed as highly mobile.

Safer and Cleaner

Traditional ondol heating uses a combustion method to provide the under floor heating. This usually requires a source of heat that is either fire or gas which as you can imagine is a bit of a safety hazard. Whilst those heat sources are a bit of a safety risk, they are also a lot messier and are required to be refilled and cleaned at regular intervals.

With electric ondor panels, you simply turn them on, do not need to refill them, and they do not need anywhere near as much cleaning.


For those that are considering having ondol heating installed in their home or business, electric ondol panels from major brands should certainly be considered due to their benefits towards cost, installation, efficiency, safety and productivity. Traditional ondols still serve an excellent purpose when compared to an electric ondol panel, they come out second best in most categories.