Why Every Home Needs a Water Velocity V-Pump

A reliable pump system is crucial in every home, whether for practical reasons or emergency purposes. You may use this to empty out your swimming pool or pond, remove water from a flooded basement, or use it for construction purposes. Most homes and even commercial properties rely on electrical or a sump system for basements. If you find electrical to be costly or if you are looking for a back up to supplement your existing system, a water velocity v-pump is your best bet.

What is a water velocity v-pump?

This type of pump uses velocity to move water. It does not use electricity in order to relocate water or mud. Unlike most types of appliances that are similar, which contain complex parts in order to function, the v-pump does not have any moving parts. Through a patented design, this works with a garden hose in order to drain water efficiently from any flooded area. A quick connect feature connects the v-pump easily to the garden hose. You may use the water velocity v-pump in swimming pools, ponds, fountains, spas, boats, construction sites, and basements.

The advantages of the v-pump

One of the biggest advantages of the v-pump is that it doesn’t use any electricity. An electric one is efficient in drawing out water from flooded areas but it is usually expensive to maintain and operate. One that operates at more than 10 amps will surely cost you a significant amount in electricity per month. Since the v-pump does not require electricity in order to work, it is a breeze to use, at no expensive cost. The innovative, patented design of the v-pump makes it an easy to use, inexpensive, and highly efficient pumping system for the home and beyond.

Another significant advantage to the water velocity v-pump is its cheaper acquisition cost. Most electrical pumps easily cost a hundred dollars, sometimes more. Since the v-pump simply relies on the effective use of velocity and does not have expensive moving parts, it costs less than half of many electrical ones available today.

The V-Pump Submersible Water Velocity V-pump is a submersible water pump that has the capacity to move water and mud at a rate of 1200 gallons per hour. This v-pump does not need electricity to operate and relies on water pressure to deliver pumping results. With its 40 ft discharge height, it is an excellent choice for ponds, basements, construction, and pools.