Why Flat Fee Real Estate Makes Sense

The Real Estate profession has changed over the years and many options in buying and selling now exist for potential buyers and listers alike. One of the best avenues to explore is the world of flat rate, flat fee, low commission and discount realtors. This option offers clients the best of both the main stream real estate world and the savings of the (FSBO) for sale by owner market.

The main stream real estate world is based on higher commissions usually between 5% -7% for professional services and access to the multi million daily user markets of the (MLS) multiple listing service that is only available to realtor represented clients.

The FSBO market is the smaller scale seller market where clients can privately sell their homes for a nominal fee and post their home on a private for sale by owner site thus saving thousands in real estate commissions. The problem with this route is the seller is in most cases on their own to deal with all legalities and negotiations invloved in making the sale.

There is a better option!

Flat Fee, Flat Rate and Discount Commission Realtors offer you the best of both worlds by providing realtor support, access to the mls listing site and saving clients thousands in real estate fees.

When listing with a Flat Rate Realtor, you are able to tailor your fees and costs to your needs. Flat Rate Real Estate Agents offer options to prospective clients such as a low cost one time flat fee OR a discount commission full service option. They will work with professional realtors and be available to guide you through the selling process which is invaluable in the competitive real estate market.

The two options available are as follows:


This flat fee is paid up front upon listing with your realtor. This option offers sellers the lowest fees and highest possible savings available and offer the seller the following services.

1. Comparable Home Prices and a Professional Home Valuation
2. Explanation of the selling process
3. Uploading your home to both the local and national MLS listing sites
4. Providing you with valuable tips to make your home show and sell successfully
5. Providing professional signage for your property
6. Use of a lockbox so other agents can show your home to potential buyers
7. Coordination of all showings through their office
8. Negotiation and presentation of offers
9. Coordination of mortgage brokers and legal documentation
10.Marketing Plan and proven track record in both selling and buying properties

The second option is the Discount Commission Full Service Option.

Discount realtors offer a reduced commission of less than 2.5% compared to the traditional 5% – 7% commission of main stream realtors. Many offer commissions of 1.25% saving you thousands of dollars for the same real estate experience of main stream realtors.

This option offers the same services as mentioned above but NO UP FRONT COSTS are paid prior to your home selling.

Whether you sell privately with a FSBO (For Sale By Owner) company or sell through a traditional real estate agent a commission of 2.5% is generally paid to any Realtor that brings you a buyer. If you find a buyer through your own open house there is no commission to be paid to a buyer agent and if you list and buy through a FLAT RATE REALTOR you will pay less for both ends of the deal.

Take the headache out of selling on your own and save thousands by dealing with a Flat Fee real estate professional.

Because you are dealing with an established realtor you will have access to mortgage brokers, lawyers, home staging companies and be included in the widest possible marketing of your home through their corporate office and the MLS listing service.