Why is MMA Training the Best Way to Increase Your Fitness?

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) style workouts train your body like a real fighter and you will be in top shape, lean, muscular and really have a “hot” body on the beach.

I’m not talking about the typical gym classes like Boxercise or Tae Bo which is great for cardio but to really change your body shape you need to take it up a level.

If you were training as if for a fight event you need to do a lot of high repetition exercises with weights, this method will greatly increase your Power Endurance, an important component in MMA.

Doing super-sets (i.e 2 exercises straight after each other) or giant sets ( 3 exercises straight after each other) on multiple machines or free weights will challenge your body like no other type of exercise.

Super setting and Giant Setting will bring you to your knees – in a good bad way!

Split the days into an upper body day and lower body the next, your goal is to achieve an intensely progressive workout but don’t over-train.

You could do slow cardio five times a week, but better would be High Intensity Interval Training (Hiit) 2-3 times per week and the weight training 3 times a week and I will guarantee you will be lean and toned as you have ever been.

We are strictly working on for muscle conditioning that is increasing your force out put over a long time which again is Power.

Fitness Adaptation

Varying your routine is must to stop adaptation. You’d be surprised on how good your body is adapting to exercise.

For instance: Ever try running on a treadmill and the first months you probably lose a lot of weight quickly!

Then the treadmill running starts to get easier as you get fitter but then your weight loss starts to plateau… hey you are adapting very well!

The answer is change the routine to sprinting, intervals, slow steep incline walking etc etc. i.e cycle your workouts.

For MMA fighting its all naturally inbuilt in the program: it incorporates everything Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Find that balance during the week to get everything in without burning your body out.

Leg Workouts

Exercise your legs with a lot of sprints, hill climbs or hill charges. Have a look at all the Olympic sprinters to see how their training makes them look!!

Do a lot of stretch kicks, which is swinging legs straight up some call it an Axe Kick.

Kicking techniques also include front kicks and roundhouse kicks.

Again superset you leg exercises like leg extensions, and as soon as you’ve done about 25-30 repetitions, get off and do some stretch kicks.

Do squats then stop to do side kicks — do things like that to try and confuse the muscle and get the best results that burns fat and increase muscles.