Why Is Plastic Roofing an Eco-Friendly Option?

Plastic roofing is done in most places where there is a need for affordable roofing. While designing this roofing, there are few calculations that need to be made. You must factor in the natural elements such as hail, snow, rain, wind load, etc. You must also incorporate details from the CAD drawings. You can check out various places where you will be able to find an installer to do the installation for you. However, if you are the adventurous kind and if the area is not vast, then you could take help from any of the DIY systems.

Changing Trends in Roofing

As the traditional roofing materials are getting costlier and difficult to obtain, synthesized plastic roofing has made its way to the top. The building codes these days prescribe that the roofing material must resist fire. Using this roofing material brings homeowners more value for their property. This type of roofing is long lasting and attractive and these synthesized products have an advantage as they can also be ecologically sound.

Eco-Friendly Options

Slate has been the traditional roofing material but the biggest drawbacks are the cost as well as the weight which requires extra support for the roof. Some of the advantages of the slate are the sheer beauty as well as the ability to shed ice and snow from the sloped rooftops. However, this type of roofing material is basically made of rubber and recycled plastic. These slates weigh much less when compared to the actual slate and installation is done using the same tools and techniques. These are eco-friendly options, fire resistant, color stable, fade resistant and come with a 50-year guarantee. They almost come close to the real slate in terms of their appearance. The content in these composite slate materials is more than 50% recycled. After their life span of around 50 years, all of these slates can again be recycled.

Plastic and Rubber Roofing Panels

The biggest advantage of this rubber and plastic roofing panels are easy installation. These panels are sold in sections and are usually in rows of three, six, or nine. The only problem with these synthetic panels is that one panel might fade more than the other panel leaving behind a checkerboard appearance.

Plastic and Rubber Shingles

While the name might state rubber shingles, these are engineered products and are very popular at present. These shingles are made out of tires, plastic bags, and tons of recycled materials. These have excellent fire ratings and meet the requirements of the building codes. These have good insulation and can withstand high-velocity winds. These shingles also come with a warranty of up to 50 years.

Hence, the plastic roofing seems to be gaining huge popularity due to its varied features and easy installation and fire resistant qualities. These are quite economical and offer the best solution for those who cannot opt for natural slate. These are long lasting and a completely eco-friendly solution to meet the growing needs of good roofing material.