Why Kate Middleton’s Workout Routine Enhances A Woman’s Body

Kate Middleton is set to be married to Prince Williams in April of 2011. There is a lot of expectancy for widespread media attention during the lavish wedding, so there can’t be any room for error. This also means she has to be in top shape. Since Kate is very “figure-conscious,” the future princess can’t afford to have a normal approach to fitness. Kate understands that she is going to have to be in perfect shape for such a royal occasion. Therefore Kate Middleton’s workout routine and diet has to be altered to be fit for the king.

Kate Is A Fashion Icon

Not only does she have an amazing body, but her style and grace is what sets her apart as a fashion icon. Kate has been selected by many style and fashion magazines as one of the best dressed women. A big reason for her success in fashion is because of her lean figure. In order for her to sample designer clothing lines, she has to stay slim all year round.

She Is An Inspiration For A Healthy Looking Body

She is a great role model for women who want to get in shape. A fit body that is still feminine is a great look. You don’t want to train like a fitness model. These women have really low body fat levels and way too much muscle. Women who train in this manner are a little scary looking and can sometimes have a slightly masculine look. Obviously, you want to stay clear of that. Men love it when women are fit with just a hint of definition.

Enhancing A Woman’s Figure The Right Way

Here is a sample of her daily gym workouts along with comments that can help women achieve a rocking body.

1)Kate is an active cyclist, runner, and weight lifter.

My comments: Intense sprinting cardio should be a staple in women’s fitness routines. High intensity interval training has been shown to burn a great deal of body fat than just regular steady state aerobics. Unless you have extremely skinny legs, make sure to skip out on squats and dead lifts. They will definitely add excess bulk to your thighs, butt, and waist. Sprinting will sculpt the legs and lift the butt without adding mass. Women should also strength train. Do not be afraid of lifting heavy weights for the upper body. Muscle tone comes from lifting heavy weights for low reps. Avoid the “pump” and lifting to failure. Rest with plenty of time between sets. Lifting in this way will give you lean and toned arms without the bulk. Trust me on this!

2)She is active with outdoor activities like swimming, snow skiing, tennis, and rowing.

My comments: This is why I believe that athletic women have the most attractive bodies. Women that engage in a lot of sports and outdoor activities are almost always in better shape than the average “gym-goer.” They are able to burn more calories by keeping themselves active in and outside the gym.

3)She follows more of a high protein diet to stay slim.

My comments: Diet is the most important aspect of fitness that people still don’t seem to understand. It doesn’t matter how hard you bust your butt in the gym if your eating habits are out of control. You simply can’t outwork and awful diet. This may be a reason why you see so many slightly pudgy personal trainers. Although high protein diets do tend to work very well, you don’t need to get caught up following popular diet regimes. Simply learning to eat less while implementing intermittent fasting will do an amazing job preserving muscle while shedding excess fat.

A Lean Body Will Also Make Your Face More Attractive

Kate Middleton is a very attractive woman, but I believe a lot of it has to do with her lean body. There are a lot of women who have beautiful faces hidden under excess body fat and double chins. Losing weight will not only leave you with a sexier body, but will reveal a much more attractive face. This is why Kate Middleton’s workout routine emphasizes her natural beauty and figure. But always keep in mind that diet is the most important part of fitness to have under control. Once you understand this concept, you will be on your way to achieving a body fit for royalty.