Why Keep Looking For Another Job For Financial Security? 4 Key Points Why You Should Ditch The Job!

The first thing that most people will do after they have been laid off from a job, is to continue to look for another job for security. This might be conventional wisdom, but it only serves to keep you poor.

Jobs certainly have their place in regard to creating temporary financial stability, but if you are looking to get away from the “rat race”, then consider these four key points that a job burdens you with.

-Jobs requires too much of your time. Just the pain of getting ready [usually about 30 minutes to an hour of time] for work is time consuming, void of pay for the commute, of getting to and forth from work. Time being our most precious commodity, why tie it up getting some one else rich?

-Jobs keep you away from your family. How important is spending quality time with your family worth?

-Jobs limit ones creativity in most cases. Rare is the case that one gets a chance to exercise the discipline to which he or she is called to do. How many of you are working on a job that you hate? the statistics suggest that many of you hate your jobs. Question. Why stay?

-Jobs limit your income. You are not being paid what you are worth. You could be making so more, and even if you are making a large income, yet you don’t have a business on the side, you will be paying around 40% in taxes. If for no other reason than to lower your taxes, wouldn’t a home based business be worth your time?

In summation, there is a place for a job in your life if your goal is to get wealthy. That job should only be a temporary situation. Mainly to stabilize your household needs while you work on your dream home based business.