Why Lean Muscle Is Better Than Bulky Muscle

If you search around the internet and read through lots of fitness magazines, you will find out that the male fitness industry is full of all kinds of personalities who believe in different things, for example for some an aesthetic physique may be a Frank Zane or Surge Nubret type physique which is more of a classic overly muscular bodybuilder type physique whereas others favour the fitness model type of physique like Greg Plitt or David Kimmerle. Everyone has their own take on what is aesthetic and we all work out towards our own personal goals. Now I will tell you which kind of physique is more favourable in terms of real world situations.

Think about the fitness magazines and body-building magazines, magazines with huge monstrous guys are generally not for your average Joes and that look is not something most people would work towards looking like. The magazines with the big guys are for body-building fans and people obsessed with gaining size. The fitness magazines and men’s magazines on the other hand have images of smaller sized men with acquirable physiques, they are in better shape than the average man but they are still considered normal sized and athletically built. You would never see those huge monstrosities you find in some body-building magazines in men’s magazines like men’s health, mainly because it is not how most people would want to look.

So now that I have given you a picture of what kind of physiques appear in which type of magazines I will give you some reasons why having lean muscle is better than being bulky.

The first thing is that getting the lean physique can be done naturally, using supplements to aid you is a personal choice and they are legal, whereas getting to an unnatural size like those Olympia guys is not a healthy thing to do, you put a lot of stain on your body and that level of body-building is filled with use of steroids which are illegal and have very bad side effects.

The second thing is that being lean is about having functional muscle that makes you more athletic, just look at sprinters they have lean muscle that allows them to run faster and be more powerful, and having functional muscle is what most people want. Being bulky on the other hands makes you and ogre, you can hardly move and you sure as hell can’t be fast with an unnatural amount of muscle putting stress on your skeletal structure. Most of that muscle mass is for show.

Another thing is that you can dress in trendy clothes and they will suit you if you are a lean guy but if you are abnormally large you will struggle to find clothes that look good and fit right, instead you will always be wearing baggy pants and shorts because your legs are too thick.

You will not look good at the beach topless if you are bulky, you have worked out so much that you have passed the beach body ideal which is a fitness model, lean muscle type physique.

And finally people of the opposite sex are more attracted to lean muscular guys with fitness model and Hollywood type physique’s, being too big will most likely decrease the number of women who find you or your physique attractive if you care about that sort of thing.

I have given you some reasons why I feel the lean muscular holly wood look is the look to go for if you care about functionality and general appearance. I know there are others who disagree but all that I mentioned above is what most people think as well.