Why Mosquito Control Is Important For Your Yard

When you’re trying to enjoy a summer meal out on your patio but mosquitoes make an unwelcome appearance, you can very quickly lose your appetite. When the kids go outside to play in the yard, these pests can drive them right back in. Way too often, these annoying winged insects are responsible for disrupting what would otherwise be enjoyable outdoor activities.

More Than a Nuisance

As they buzz around you and your loved ones, they are far more than annoying pests. Their bite can cause itchiness, redness, and swelling that lasts anywhere from a few hours to a week. Even worse, these insects can spread dangerous diseases, including malaria, West Nile fever, and Zika fever. In pets, they can transmit heartworm disease and other debilitating conditions.

Measures can be taken to reduce mosquito populations or avoid contact. These include wearing insecticide when going outdoors, wearing long sleeves and long pants when these insects are most active, and removing any standing water from your property to inhibit breeding. But these measures alone may not be enough.

When Professional Mosquito Control Is Called For

Even when precautions are taken, insects can breed. Since standing water is difficult to remove from every possible location – including birdbaths, pool covers, flower pot saucers, and pet water bowls – mosquitoes can appear even when you think you’ve eliminated all of their favorite breeding spots.

That’s where a professional service can help. Available for both residential and commercial properties, this service can:

– Apply a pest-control barrier that lasts three to four weeks.

– If the customer prefers, apply a milder organic repellent that lasts two weeks per application.

– Treat areas throughout the summer or whenever mosquitoes are active.

– Spray areas prior to a special event, such as a wedding or graduation party.

Professional pest control companies know not only what products to use but also how much to apply to an area to ensure that the problem is taken care of. They are also aware of how insecticides might affect individuals with compromised immunities. They can then create tailored solutions based on customers’ needs and special considerations.

Eco-friendly Solutions

All-natural mosquito control sprays are popular among customers who are looking for eco-friendly solutions. These sprays break down more quickly in the environment, resulting in reduced impact. Natural sprays can kill adult insects on contact without using strong chemicals. These formulas continue to protect by serving as a repellent for up to two weeks. Re-application can be done as often as needed until the problem is resolved.

Integrated Pest Management

Both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) advocate a comprehensive approach to protecting humans against diseases spread by mosquitoes. Using an integrated management approach means focusing on pest prevention and reduction, as well as getting rid of conditions that could create pest infestations. A multi-point method to mosquito control has the best chance of minimizing the number of bites. Consult with a professional pest control service to learn more about successful strategies for protecting yourself and your loved ones against these pesky, dangerous insects.