Why Rubber Flooring Is Increasing In Popularity

With an increasing number of people realizing the benefits of rubber flooring, this type of product is gaining popularity fast. The use of Rubber Floor is of great help in areas that are exposed to spills or deterioration due to heavy traffic. Despite the versatility it offers, floor covering specialists tend to overlook this medium of covering. Many people have a false impression that it is difficult to maintain rubber flooring, and consider it to be very costly. Well, it may not be among the cheaper options for covering floors, but it pays for itself in the long run due to its long life. When following the instructions provided by the manufacturer, its maintenance becomes easy. If you are looking for floor covering option, you should certainly consider rubber matting.

Natural resilience, low maintenance and exceptional durability are inherent characteristics of this flooring. These properties make rubber flooring a number one option for various applications. These are already being used by commercial and public establishments, health care industry and retailers.

Here are some other significant advantages of rubber flooring:

Resilient and comfortable

Rubber makes an excellent surface for floors where people need to stand for long. Since it is naturally resilient, it provides a slight cushioning effect which helps reducing the weariness plus the foot injury. Moreover, it doesn’t cause any static buildup and thus is an excellent material for use in bars and restaurant kitchens.


Rubber is a recyclable material and therefore helps maintaining a healthier environment. Recycled rubber is used for producing landscaping mulch and for preparing the surfaces of playgrounds or athletic fields. If needed, rubber can also be treated with adherent paint conforming to EPA specifications. The final product we get as a result of this treatment is rubber mulch, an economical, environment friendly material that is used for getting attractive, long lasting landscaping surface, which is known to be the safest and cleanest.

Easy maintenance

Rubber flooring is an excellent material for covering spaces in educational, commercial, government and institutional facilities. The reasons include its long life, anti skid properties and resilience that offer comfort to users. These properties, along with its availability in novel colors and designs, is prompting a number of designers and architects to recommend this material to an increasing number of establishments. It is being aptly exploited by building owners plus facility managers.

Plastic flooring continues to gain popularity as its striking designs and colors match very well with the present architectural styles without compromising the sustainability and performance, and even cost. Apart from being durable, rubber flooring helps improving the quality of indoor air, being environment friendly. Because of its availability in varied textures and color, rubber flooring is gradually being favored for use in residences. Households will find it an ideal material for use in laundry and the recreation area, home bars, mud room as well as home offices.