Why Should You Buy a Shoei Motorcycle Helmet?

Shoei is among the most popular motorcycle helmet brands in the market. The company is known for its reliable and sturdy products that can protect the wearer from the most dangerous and severe accidental impact. Initially, Shoei started manufacturing motorcycle helmets for sturdiness with little concern for their aesthetic appeal but given the unprecedented rise in the demand for stylish helmets, the company finally took the plunge and now boasts of several top selling motor cycle helmet models.

From the full face helmets to the open face version and even unique styles to suit the tastes of the most discerning buyers, Shoei intends to please its customers. There are several benefits to buying Shoei motorcycle helmets not only do you get a vast range of products that will suit the style and budget of all buyers but also the company is known for its commitment to quality offered at affordable rates.

Here is a look at some of the features seen in most Shoei motorcycle helmets.

Ventilation: This is an extremely important feature that can have a direct bearing on how comfortable the helmet is. Although you should buy a helmet that fits snuggly and does not move when you turn your head from side to side; these vents help to remove the hot air and bring in the fresh, cold air. Most Shoei helmets have V shaped intake and exhaust vents that create a negative pressure so that the hot air is expelled out of the confined area. The high end models of Shoei motorcycle helmets may also have ‘Aero Vortex Ventilations’

Pinlock, Mist proof Visor: Another feature of Shoei helmets is the pin lock visor that prevents misting and helps to maintain the clarity of the visor.

The CX-1 Shield Visor: This is another innovative feature that enhances the protection offered by Shoei motorcycle helmets. The CX-1 Shield Visor is not held in place with screws instead a spring loaded ratchet is used for the job. This makes the removal of the shield easy and quick and also it filters out the incoming sound because there are no side pods.

Interior Padding: Padding is another factor that will determine how comfortable a helmet is; this is a particularly important aspect to consider if you intend to use your helmet for extended periods of time. Shoei helmets come with extremely comfortable interior padding which makes them suitable for long journeys and high speeds. There are no over lapping parts which means that there is serious reduction in the wind noise and turbulence felt when you ride your motorbike.

Other features: Shoei motorcycle helmets are available with visors in eight attractive tints to suit your style.

Why should you buy Shoei motorcycle helmets?

There are several reasons why most motorbike riders choose Shoei helmets over the other brands in the market such as:

Affordability: Shoei offers some of the most stylish and strong helmets at the lower end of the price spectrum. If you are looking for durability and reliability that will not burn your pocket, then Shoei helmets will be just right for you.

Aesthetic appeal: With helmets available in several colors, designs and patterns, you are sure to find a Shoei helmet that suits you taste.

Impressive Warranty: Shoei helmets come with an impressive warranty of 5 years from the date of purchase and seven years from the date of manufacture whichever comes first. Although damages associated with rough usage are not covered by the warranty, all manufacturing defects will be taken care of free of cost.

DOT and Snell standard certified products: All Shoei helmets are put through stringent tests to ensure that they meet the quality and safety standards set by DOT and Snell. You will see a sticker indicating that the product is certified by both bodies.

Easy to purchase: There are several dealers across the country that sell Shoei motorcycle helmets; the company’s website offers information about the contact details of their retailers so it’s very easy to buy a helmet from them.

Free Impact Inspection: The Company offers free impact inspection services for any helmet purchased from them.

Parts are easily available: Shoei motorcycle helmets are easy to maintain because you can find parts for them without too much hassle at the company’s website. Unless your helmet is more than 7 years old, you will be able to find just about any part you need on the website.

Popular Shoei Models

Among then more popular Shoei motorcycle helmets in the market are:

The Shoei Multitec: This is the only flip up model from the Shoei range of helmets. Although it is a flip up model it is incredibly stylish and has the look of a Shoei full faced version.

Shoei XR-1000: This is one of the top of the line products from the company that is suitable for standard road usage and it performs equally well when used on the tracks.

Shoei Raid III: This is a basic helmet that is the ideal choice for first time buyers. Don’t let the price range fool you; this is a sturdy piece of engineering that is particularly suitable for everyday usage.