Why Should You Switch Your Business Website to WordPress?

WordPress, initiated during 2003, is probably the most favored content management system (CMS) worldwide. Today, it enjoys the patronage of over 74 million websites that bring out new posts each second. Irrespective of a blog’s size, WordPress is the most extensively used CMS. This goes to demonstrate how powerful this tool is. Here are the reasons that you’ll find convincing for utilizing WordPress for your business website:

  1. It comes free

The most helpful feature of WordPress is that it comes free, whether you are into blogging or simply introducing a fresh online business. Its great feature is that you need not worry of any hidden charges, even if the popularity of your site exceeds expectations. It remains free for all times to come.

Additionally, it is an open source too. This allows you to change or improve your source code for creating a site that best answers your requirements.

2. Ready for spontaneous use

Distinct from other CMSs, you can use WordPress soon after installation. It means you won’t have to look for installing or putting together a lengthy list of add-ons for obtaining a number of WordPress features like RSS feeds, comments and revisions etc.

3. Adaptability

The flexibility that WordPress offers is simply unbeatable. Whether you make use of WordPress for your blogs or an eCommerce site, you’ll find it sufficiently versatile to fulfill all your requirements due to its wide-ranging extensions and features.

4. Search engines find it friendly

In fact, the most admired search engines fancy sites powered by WordPress because of its convenient to crawl framework. It’s not surprising that Matt Cutts from Google approved WordPress during the course of WordCamp San Francisco 2009. He uses WordPress for his personal blog.

5. Protection and safety

The popularity that WordPress enjoys makes it vulnerable to hacking. Nevertheless, WordPress is seriously concerned about providing security to its users. Though you would take some primary security measures, WordPress keeps updating its software, making it tough for hackers to continue with their business. Actually, it has incorporated an automatic feature that keeps it updated since the launching of its 3.7 edition.

6. Customizable

The availability of thousands of themes and plug-ins contained in WordPress allow you to modify your site so that it looks and works the way you like. Additionally, the availability of never-ending features provided by WordPress empowers you to create your website or blog as per your precise requirements.

7. Convenience of use

Another superb feature of WordPress is the ease with which you can use it. It is a user-friendly, instinctive platform that can be learnt easily. In fact, it is so easy to learn WordPress that it has earned the proverbial caption of “The 5-Minute Install.”